How to tell if youre a rebellious hipster faggot douche
If you're a rebelious hipster douchebag, then your probably donit know it. Take you're time now to examine yourself to determine whether you fall into this category to avoid an astonishing level of shock and embarrassment when someone actually tells you that you are in public and you find out everyone hates you. Oh, but of course, you don't care. Precisely because you are think that society is messed up and you are such a rebel for "being different" and not giving a rats ass about rules or society's standards. But at the same time, you want to look good for your peers; youre "friends". Not for society, but for yourself and your peers. You break the rules, try to do things a different way and totally don't agree with how society works. You're a loud asshole that often screams and strips in public, picks fights just cus you're a moron and pretends to not care about anything [cus that's just uncool]. Everyone else just isn't as cool as you and they just don't understand the way you roll. You are different. You are unique. You are special.

Yup, you're a rebellious hipster douche.

Not only are you a hipster douche, but everyone hates you for being a total moron and trying to make it apparent to everyone that you're rebelling against them even though they just want to walk their little chihuahua to the park without some drunk faggot pushing them over while running from the police because you spray painted your name on a wall cus you're such a dumbass.
[Now, I'm not saying I too, don't hate everyone. I just want all the faggots to leave me alone so i can i drink mango juice and watch animu]

But at least I'm not so retarded that I think by simply drawing a penis on a wall will change shit. [That's called vandalism, dipshit.]
Or maybe you're not trying to change anything. You just don't want to be judged by others and group you into the group of "normalers aka puppets of society". And hey, that's okay. Except no one gives a flying fuck about your rebelling. So there really is no need to be a hipster douche in public. Granted, i respect that maybe this is who you are. You are just this special, unique loud person that hates rules and thinks the whole world is corrupt. Maybe the only way you can express your anger is by breaking the law and by playing in your hardcore band that sings about drugs, how hard life is and how no one understands what you go through in your parents garage and try to make it big even though everyone knows your music is as good as screams of a women being skinned and then having salt rubbed into her wound this is also a run on sentence but the point is your shitty music is shit and you'll never make it big and even if you do, you'll still be the same dumbass you always were, just with more money to waste on your douchebagish self while kids in Africa suffer cus you're breathing all their fucking oxygen. Oxygen hogging fucker.

But you can change. For the better. Or you could continue and screw up your life and maybe have your ass handed to you in jail. That would make me happy too. At least one less asshole that talks really loudly about about how stupidly drunk they were last night and how they totally did something illegal which makes their "friends" totally impressed. Faggot.

You can rebel without being total faggotthatruinseveryonesday though. Like, go cheat on a test, write in a diary/blog about how you think rebellious hipster douchebags should GTFO or how you believe in an anarchy or shit like that. No one give a fuck how you feel or think in public unless it involves them being shot down by some asshole that's sad cus he got a parking ticket. So stop being such a fucking attentionwhore. Now, as you're reading this you're probably thinking, "Yes! i have accomplished my goal to be a raging douchebag hated by society!" but when i mean everyone, Is also mean your "friends", whose opinions you do care about. They may be your "friends" now but soon they'll realize you're an attentionwhoringdouchebag and leave you and you will cry like a little fucking pussy cus no one cares bout how you don't care about things that other people care about anymore.

>_> i wrote this like days ago and i cant remember where i was going with this or if it even makes sense. .___.
so i'm just going to post it and not reread it cus im lazy.

edit: i realized this is slightly hypocritical, considering i share the thought process of a rhfd when it comes to their views on society D: but hey, at least i don't act like an asshole everywhere i go.

happy face
i am totally attracted to this kid

the guitar is just a tool to create smex >_>

i have a feeling im going to be an especially creepy catladywithoutanycatscusikilledthemallaccidentlycusicanhardlytakecareofmyselfsoitsimpossibleformetotakecareofanotherlivingorganism who eyes little boys and kidnaps when i grow up. Better not go out very often D:!

naw jk.
only the pretty looking ones.

edit: i think you might think this whole post just kinda contridicts my 'wtf japan' post like 2 days ago.  just to be clear, this is totally different. i am not attracted to slut boys. i prefer the innocent ones that dont know how goddamn adorable they are.>_>

i think im the one that has a problem.

have you ever had to go pee and then you peed and then right after you pee or like 5 minutes later yyou feel like you really have to go pee again so you go pee but when you pee theres like no pee and youre like llolwtf?

i had the weird est fucking dream. it was about a horse raping another horse. and there was some story about them but i cant remember it. but. it was. about. a horse. raping.a horse. wat. the. fuck. i can remember like a little neighborhood and a security guard or some shit...THE POOR HORSE WAS LIKE..CRYING. OR SOMETHING. WHAT THE FUCK. im so confused.

/goes back to sleep...
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cus it sucks D:

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its alright D: i dont really think it fits me but o well. well, i have every opportunity to change it, really. id change it to Bob. fo sho.



i hate it when people wake up super early in the morning just to mow thier fucking lawn. though if i was a morning person, id do that too just to piss people like me off. but really. i hate spring/summer. the sound of people yelling and kids laughing and faggots in the middle of the night drunk and shit ugh. id prolly be that kinda fag though if i drank.

/hardly ever drinks D:
the taste is too strong...>_> its icky.
i like the warm feeling though D:



i got bored so i put a you;re beautiful mood theme i found >_>


i should really start my homework...D8


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