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Writer's Block: Available: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with hot and cold running chills
Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

well durr. it's free rent.

Writer's Block: Transmogrified
If you could transform into any object for 24 hours, what would it be, and why?

shit. so everyone would stay away from me and leave me the fuck alone D:




i just spent the past four hours reading papers. and i dont think i absorbed shit in my brain. i was more just looking and observing really, i think.

i ate a lot of graped though. they were pretty fucking delicious, i must say. i really prefer the pruple ones opposed to the green ones. though sometimes, the purple ones have a weird taste to them. but the green ones are pretty tasty too cus theyre all like sour and stuff. theyre kinda like sour candy, but juicier and waterier...watery..er...D: and without the sticky candy texture. But yeah, i washed liek a whole bowl of purple grapes and ate them all while i was reading. they were, like i mentioned before, pretty fucking delicious. But now i feel super bloated :<

I'm also drinking like 5 cups of tea a day, just to calm me down/keep me awake/whatever the hell its stuppoded to do. I actually love tea right now. its delicious. i like it bitter. i tried to put sugar in my tea once and it was gross D: i think ive been drinking a little too much though....maybe thats tno too good for me HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM. /DEEP THOUGHT REFLECTION PROCESS

/talks about grapes and tea
/no life

said aunty scarlett

and i was all like, fuck you.

the end.

happy face
DUDE I'VE HAVE THIS FUCKING JOURNAL FOR LIKE A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR. i know this because i just like, checked. so. yeah. BUT OMGOSH. i'm really surprised because i thought i made this in like September O_o
i dont remember having this thing for so damn long. Jesus Christ. He knows this thing is filled with incoherent bullshit.

anyways, i should be doing something productive instead of looking for doujins to download god damnit....

wait i think its a year..i didnt really check the date cus i was too surprised that i made this in January D:
almost a year, then.

i wish i was popular ;A;

not really.

god damnit
4chan is ruining me. bad enough with the distractions i already have, now my animu pichur folder is like 300 mb /UGH
nothing but saving awesome picchurs for hours that just take up space omgawsh why am i doing this to myself .___.

i need to study for my test. ugh

also, recently, ive been really into doujinshis. like, really.i now have fucking like 1.5gb of doujins its fucking CRAZYYY. i know. i like saving them though cus i enjoy reading them over again....

i also downloaded only the ring finger knows and i reread it again the other day and i was like like HNNNNNNG even though the story really isnt that great.

/goes to study D:

im in a real hurry right now which explains why my post isnt fbguewiy48o857348984398593 words long.

what the fu i dont even how why no....
happy face
 Oh internet. i was surprised. now im not. however, still can not compute.

Anyways, enough of that


I AM VERY FUCKING ATTRACTED TO THE ATTRACTIVE LEAD SINGER.  i can already see the screaming fangirls trying to touch his dick when they go mainstream [which they are in the process of doing, from the half an hour of television i've watched and a 5 minute google search]. I wont be those fangirls though, cus that takes effort and i'm more attracted to his face then his reproductive organ.  D: Then he's going to announce he's gay! :D Damn canadians, first Lights now this cute sonovabitch. i should probabaly google his name. but for now, he'll be Cute Sonovabitch.

speaking of television, i havent watched it in a while. except maybe like occasional spongebob and Phineas&Ferb. but not much Much. so it seems they got a new VJ and changed the shit up or something. My point is, the girl who was interviewing them is annoying. Even his pretty face couldnt make me watch anymore of that crappy interview.

 too bad theyre not famous enough for me to look around and find icons of in LJ. Could always make em myself or request but meh.
attracted to the kickass song too, eh. other songs are pretty epic too, no lai.

Anyways, i got mad yesterday so i drew on my wall with sharpies [cus im too much of a pussy/loser to do drugs or drink or smoke or party]. TAKE THAT, MOM. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN PAINT OVER THAT SHIT IS BY APPLYING MULTIPLE LAYERS OF PAINT OR PAINTING IT BLACK. Such a rebel, i am. 

Writer's Block: Sharing something cool.
Who's the first person you think of when you want to share something cool?


but seriously.

Note to self
Tell mom to not buy shitty frozen pizzas that are on sale and not even in a fucking box. They will make you shit. Again. And again.

i slept at 3am and woke up at 6pm today.