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god damnit
4chan is ruining me. bad enough with the distractions i already have, now my animu pichur folder is like 300 mb /UGH
nothing but saving awesome picchurs for hours that just take up space omgawsh why am i doing this to myself .___.

i need to study for my test. ugh

also, recently, ive been really into doujinshis. like, really.i now have fucking like 1.5gb of doujins its fucking CRAZYYY. i know. i like saving them though cus i enjoy reading them over again....

i also downloaded only the ring finger knows and i reread it again the other day and i was like like HNNNNNNG even though the story really isnt that great.

/goes to study D:

im in a real hurry right now which explains why my post isnt fbguewiy48o857348984398593 words long.