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what the fu i dont even how why no....
happy face
 Oh internet. i was surprised. now im not. however, still can not compute.

Anyways, enough of that

I AM VERY FUCKING ATTRACTED TO THE ATTRACTIVE LEAD SINGER.  i can already see the screaming fangirls trying to touch his dick when they go mainstream [which they are in the process of doing, from the half an hour of television i've watched and a 5 minute google search]. I wont be those fangirls though, cus that takes effort and i'm more attracted to his face then his reproductive organ.  D: Then he's going to announce he's gay! :D Damn canadians, first Lights now this cute sonovabitch. i should probabaly google his name. but for now, he'll be Cute Sonovabitch.

speaking of television, i havent watched it in a while. except maybe like occasional spongebob and Phineas&Ferb. but not much Much. so it seems they got a new VJ and changed the shit up or something. My point is, the girl who was interviewing them is annoying. Even his pretty face couldnt make me watch anymore of that crappy interview.

 too bad theyre not famous enough for me to look around and find icons of in LJ. Could always make em myself or request but meh.
attracted to the kickass song too, eh. other songs are pretty epic too, no lai.

Anyways, i got mad yesterday so i drew on my wall with sharpies [cus im too much of a pussy/loser to do drugs or drink or smoke or party]. TAKE THAT, MOM. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN PAINT OVER THAT SHIT IS BY APPLYING MULTIPLE LAYERS OF PAINT OR PAINTING IT BLACK. Such a rebel, i am. 

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my thought proccess exactly. i was laughing though.

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